上海卫垲设计有限公司(英文名:SHANGHAI IMPACT DESIGN COMPANY)成立于2011年,注册资本200万人民币,是一家从事珠宝设计和销售的公司,现主要经营旗下 THEIA JEWELRY 品牌,私人定制珠宝以及互联网珠宝租赁业务,以18K金和钻石为主,人们印象中的钻石类珠宝总是遥不可及,普遍认为价格颇高,我们通过全世界最好的钻石拼镶技术,以及最精湛的工艺为客户呈现最完美以及性价比最高的钻石类珠宝,我们的供应商都属当地的龙头企业,分别来自深圳,香港,曼谷。







SHANGHAI IMPACT DESIGN COMPANY Was Founded in 2011, we are professional on jewelry design and trading, and we mainly focus on the brand “THEIA JEWELRY”  Personal Customize Jewelry and Jewelry Leasing, all of our product are made of 18K gold and diamond. People always believe that diamond jewelries are too expensive, not suitable for ordinary customers. Now we are using the best diamond setting technology and exquisite craftwork to present the most cost effective jewelry. We cooperate with the biggest suppliers from Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Bangkok.

THEIA was the titan goddess of sight and shining light of the clear blue sky. She was also, the goddess who endowed gold, silver and gems with their brilliance and intrinsic value.

The brand assimilates inherent elegance, spirituality and beauty of the ancient Greek goddess, who guards the unchained and graceful spirit of modern women. She turns into the artistic jewelries, illustrating the mysteriousness, gracefulness and freedom in the THEIA style.

We believe that every ordinary woman sparks a beauty of goddess, some are as vibrant as the sunshine, and some are as tranquil as the moonlight. We believe that their innermost beings are yearning for the spirit of freedom. Slow down your pace, communicate with the “THEIA” goddess in your inmost recess of your heart, and fully enjoy the life with a free soul.

The unique brand symbol exhibits an unparalleled personality that is modern, minimal and nimble, which serves to reveal the unique firmness and consciousness of a modern woman.


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